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Andreas Flourakis is a playwright. He has written more than twenty works for theater, which have been translated into many languages, including English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Turkish, Romanian, Polish, Albanian, Hindi and Finnish. They have been staged both in Greece and internationally at such theaters and venues as Royal Court Theatre (London), Art Theatre Karolos Koun (Athens), the National Theater of Spain (Madrid), Lincoln Center Theater (New York), Gate Theatre (London), West Yorkshire Playhouse (Leeds), Stegi, Onassis Cultural Centre (Athens), Tristan Bates Theatre (London), Epi Kolono (Athens), National Theater of Albania (Tirana), Beep (Athens), Theatre of the South (Athens), Maison d'Europe et d'Orient (Paris), and Theatre Skrow (Athens). His plays have also been performed at a number of festivals such as, HotINK (New York), Helsinki Festival (Helsinki), Gi60 (New York), Oyun Yaz Festival (Istanbul), International Monodrama Festival (Pafos, Cyprus), Cultural Olympiad (Athens), and the Comparative Drama Conference (Los Angeles). Among his awards are honorable mention in the one-act play contest of the Art Theatre Karolos Koun (2003), selection by the Janus Project for New Plays and New Playwriting Across Europe (2006), second prize in the one-act play contest organized by the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Rhodes (2008), third prize in the International Monodrama contest of the UNESCO International Theatre Institute (2006-2008), a Writer-in-Residence Award at the Royal Court International Residency (United Kingdom), and a Fulbright Artists Award (United States). In 2014 his play, Strong Knees, was selected as one of a trio of the award-winning biennial playwriting Eurodram contest. He has also served as Visiting Professor of Playwriting at the University of Kansas.